Coastline Crawler Cranes

The Tilt Panel Specialists for South East Queensland

Our Services

Coastline Crawler Cranes is a family-owned mobile crane hire company for tilt up panels. We have two cranes and two operators, along with two intermediate riggers. These cranes have a maximum capacity of 110t each.

We have special services available for projects over 110t upon application, up to 150t. Please contact us for more information.

Why choose us?

Family Owned and Operated

Coastline Crawler Cranes has been a family owned business, run solely by Kevin, since it's establishment in 2011.

Over 20 years experience in the industry

Kevin joined the industry back in 2004 as a rigger for his father's own crane hire business, R&M Crane Services. Kevin moved up the ranks until he decided to start his own business, Coastline Crawler Cranes.

The second operator, Clint, has over 20 years in the industry, and had always spoken with Kevin about working together. Clint eventually joined Kevin as an employee in November 2021.

Superior Cranes

The first crane is a Kobelco CKS1100G. Kobelco cranes feature traditional Japanese design, engineering and manufacturing, and the CKS1100G is no exception to this. Transportation and assembly/disassembly is made easy with the self-removal device, allowing for disassembly without a 2nd crane, saving time and money.

The second crane is a Manitowoc M12000. Although under the Manitowoc badge, it was built in a Kobelco factory, back when the two companies had a manufacturing and distribution agreement. This makes the M12000 hold the same Kobelco standards that the CKS1100G holds. Because of the now ceased agreement, you can no longer buy this style of Manitowoc.

For Kevin, the two cranes operate identically, with the only difference being the colour.